And Today?

So many people used the Mumbles train 100 years ago! It seems the car,  because of the need to find parking, has reduced the visitor numbers.  Good to see this old photo and frame it for a customer.



IMG_20170915_1211443Lovely memories for this marriage souvenier.  Obviously a lot of work went into making this item.  Before you point out the geographic inacuracies of the placement of Sicily and Sardinia…..yes we know,  but were allowed to do that so it composed to a suitable size.  Finished it measured a 1000 x 660mm,

Falling Apart

This stitchwork may be more than 150 years old.  We can’t be sure of its origin.  However, it represents the endeavours of someone who possibly worked by candlelight to complete it.  We simply faced it on an acid free mountboard, glazed, backed and inststalled it in an appropriate frame.

We Like Dogs!

Especially Yorkshire terriers like Griff in this small watercolour portrait. This creature may be just 350 mm long and weigh perhaps 3 kilos.

 But read Rudyard Kipling’s poem, ‘The Power of the Dog’ to appreciate it’s capabilities.