Any artwork, be it watercolour, photo or print can be enhanced with wash line borders. We like them because they focus the eye on the subject if done with discretion and not as a ‘decoration’ that detracts. Here below, is an example. The photo is old and partly damaged (which we will repair). The mount is new with appropriate shade and texture. Three lines to tie the image to the mount and frame will complete the work. The cost for this lining work, all done by hand and which will go into a 655 x 455mm frame added a cost of just £6.66

Towards Springtime

In addtion to the normal flow of work, people are starting to produce canvases, prints and watercolours for upcoming exhibitions. We see examples that have quite beautiful subjects…….here is one from Sian McGill. You can see more of her works at sianmcgill.com


Match after international match. The cream of footballers go to Qutar in November – December 2022. Rhys at orielodl.com-Rhys Padarn Jones has produced this work as a souvnier. They are available as high quality, mounted prints. More about Rhys at rhyspadarn.com


Three canvases for one artist who will paint a contnuous seascape accross them. Attached to a wall with 200mm spacing they will create a window impression. Each is 2 metres tall and 900mm width. made from scratch using 12 oz best quality cotton duck and pine framing.

Storm-bomb Eunice closed us for the day….February 18th 2022

The sensible thing to do was to avoid being out amongst the missiles flying about. Before the event we completed this painting shown below……

You will see this is associated with rugby. In this case it’s a work from Barry John.
Who is Barry John? ……Barry retired from playing rugby for Wales some 50 years ago. He had a career which started in his schoolboy years and onward, playing for Llanelli in 1964 through to international appearances for Wales until retirement.

Wash and Line borders

Watercolour wash and line was the popular addition to paintings from the late 19th Century onwards. Then double colour mounts reduced its popularity; plus there was less work and skill involved. Wash and line was deemed to raise an art work out of the Hobbyist category and place it among professionals.

We do wash and line. You can choose colours, how any lines, widths. It’s applied by hand so it’s versatile. Used with discretion and not as an overstatement it will add interest and focus to all sorts of works. Even one black line around a photgraph has considerable impact for the subject. Prices depend on the size of mount and number of lines but rarely exceed £10-£12 on a large work and can be as low as £2.50 on something small. Below is a recent example to illustrate the effects.

An old print with four lines and wash

Close up

February 2nd 2022

We are keeping our policy unchanged for the weeks ahead. This means we can only work to appointments. To make an appointment, call 01792 646181, leave a message and we will return your call and arrange a time for you.

Meanwhile, work continues with a superb variety of interesting items passing through our hands. A couple of last week’s examples below……

Nearly 2 metres tall this work came from Viki at vikicartoons.com Her work is generally large and is related either to animals or publicity. Always a thin border surround to finish things off.
An interesting collection of local football team medals, some dating from the 1980’s. A few had slipped out of their boxes and the display needed a full tidy and re-install into a frame. This picture shows things at about the half-way stage.

December 24th 2021 Update

Mich’al Rixson t/a Alan Sturk, Picture Framer, 46, Bernard Street, Uplands, Swansea SA2 0DT Tel: 01792646181: rixsonmn@gmail.com

Appointments only has become the norm for us now. When we re-open on Tuesday January 11th 2022 we will have to keep the same rules in place. 1. Make an appointment 2. social distance 3. face mask

Meanwhile, a lot of interesting work has passed through our hands and below we show a couple of older watercolours that we have re-mounted and then added a hand applied wash and line border. Maybe you agree, its the border that adds a lot to the overall effect. It was the normal procedure at the time these watercolours were painted. We can offer it as an extra to any work and in whatever style/colour is requsted.

Wash and line watercolour border
Norwich Street Market (new mount and border lines)

December 15th 2021

Mich’al Rixson t/a Alan Sturk, Picture Framer

46 Bernard Street, Uplands, Swansea SA2 0DT 01792 646181

Please note: WE CAN ONLY WORK TO APPOINTMENTS IN THESE DIFFICULT TIMES. Call the number above to arrange.

Meanwhile, artists are also doing their best to keep going and the picture below shows how Sian McGill (www.sianmcgill.com) is being productive on a large work for which we have made the frame and canvas.

Entering December

Work levels are high and we also have continuing difficulty with supplies. So, we asking for your patience over the next few months. Also, we are having to maintain an APPOINTMENTS ONLY arrangement.

To make an appointment please call 01792 646181

email: rixsonmn@gmail.com

Below are photos of an interesting, late 1800’s print that was in a badly damaged state. New mount, line and wash gave it a considerable improved appearance. Then, popped into it’s frame and it was ready to grace any wall.

Richmond Bridge. 1890

Richmond Bridge 1890