NEW PHONE NUMBER 01792 646181

NEW PHONE NUMBER 01792 646181

NEW PHONE NUMBER 01792646181

NEW PHONE NUMBER 01792 646181

Keeping It Going…..

“Critical Times, hard to deal with”. Raw materials are going in short supply. Time is going in short supply. People’s patience is going in short supply. Doing our best, working to appointments only and limiting to opening times to reduce the frequency of contact.

Some lovely work comes through our hands. Here is an example.

It is 1600 x 960mm. ….. s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d onto a frame we made. Too big for the shop we had to do things at my sister’s barn.

White Fronted Geese

This lovely copy of a print from the early 1800’s is by W.H. Lizars. It became a favorite of Sir Peter Scott who was much impresssed by its colouring and graceful flight.

FOR SALE £17.50..(p&p £2.90)

Dimesnsions for framing 352 x 298mm

Look at this….

Lovely old copy of a print. White Fronted Geese. Dating from the 1820’s by W.H. Lizars. For Sale. £17.50 (postage £2.90) Dimensions for framing: 298 x 354 mm. Acid free mount with hand applied line border.

To buy this Print call 00761478625 or email to


We do a lot of wash and line borders on mounts. The permutations are endless; the result enhancing. Watercolours from past centuries were often bordered with wash and line. This mount on this work below is for a frame that measures 480 x 540mm. A twelve line and one wash border added to the mount has a seperate cost of £11. The wash is in the 10mm ‘trough’ and in the photograph is barely discernable, which is what it is supposed to be.

All done by hand with sustainable watercolours.

No Landline (Temporary)

Until sometime shortly after November 19th 2020 we have no working telephone landline which also means no WiFi. In the meantime to make contact either call us on Mobile 07761478625 or 07875401742

OR email to