White Fronted Geese

This lovely copy of a print from the early 1800’s is by W.H. Lizars. It became a favorite of Sir Peter Scott who was much impresssed by its colouring and graceful flight.

FOR SALE £17.50..(p&p £2.90)

Dimesnsions for framing 352 x 298mm

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Lovely old copy of a print. White Fronted Geese. Dating from the 1820’s by W.H. Lizars. For Sale. £17.50 (postage £2.90) Dimensions for framing: 298 x 354 mm. Acid free mount with hand applied line border.

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“Shoeing The Bay Mare

For Sale £10. (postage £2.90)

1934 Print

‘Shoeing The Bay Mare’ by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

Mounted in acid free mount board with hand drawn border lines

Ready for framing. Dimensions: 285 x 345mm

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FOR SALE £15.00 (postage £2.90)


Print with Impasto gel covering.

Dimensions: 386 x 386mm

Acid-free mount with hand applied lines

To buy this item call 07761478625 or mail to 1914reply@gmail.com