As you all know, we are now under closure restrictions until January 31st

We can get messages and emails from you via 01792 646181

and rixsonmn@gmail.com

Meanwhile, whilst we send everyone our best wishes we also urge you to ‘play ball’ and respect the well-publicised requirements in these testing times. When we do re-open it will be through appointments that you make using the above methods and at all times observing the Covid -19 safety rules.

Thankyou for co-operating. We think you will agree.. Swansea beach looks splendid with a low sun in winter.

Bright and Cheerful

In the darker days of winter it’s so good to have some art on the wall that dispels the greys and shouts out the colours. This oil measures 1100 x 850mm and will do that for it’s owners. We simply stretched it onto a frame and from being just a roll it became a cheerful image.

No Landline (Temporary)

Until sometime shortly after November 19th 2020 we have no working telephone landline which also means no WiFi. In the meantime to make contact either call us on Mobile 07761478625 or 07875401742

OR email to 1914reply@gmail.com


Lonely Ladybird

As we enter Winter most small creatures will be hiding away. This stunning work from Viki La Metz will help us look ahead to times when the greenery is abundant and little interesting creatures will be foraging. You can see more of Viki’s works at vikicartoons.com