Keep it going!

Restricted from working but not from walking and seeing what is around us in these days that presage the burst of Spring. Summer visitors from New Zealand, searching out their ‘roots’ made a little video of our location. Here is the link;

Not EVERYTHING is under lockdown

Some of the better days on Swansea beach have been splendid……

Until some return to work is possible, its a wonderful place to walk…..every dog you meet will tell you so!


As you all know, we are now under closure restrictions until January 31st

We can get messages and emails from you via 01792 646181


Meanwhile, whilst we send everyone our best wishes we also urge you to ‘play ball’ and respect the well-publicised requirements in these testing times. When we do re-open it will be through appointments that you make using the above methods and at all times observing the Covid -19 safety rules.

Thankyou for co-operating. We think you will agree.. Swansea beach looks splendid with a low sun in winter.

January 5th Lockdown News

Covid 19 Lockdown We are currently closed to customers in line with instructions from the Welsh Assembly.

Please ring 01792 646181 and leave a message with your name and contact details,

or email Thank you for your understanding and stay safe and well.


Following the directions of the Welsh Government we are now CLOSED

We shall, if permitted, re-open on Monday January 18th

It will be necessary to make an appointment from that date forward and follow the distancing and face covering rules

To make an appointment you should email: or telephone 01792 646181 and leave a message.

We may be able to deliver works we have finished. Use the above methods of contact.

Bright and Cheerful

In the darker days of winter it’s so good to have some art on the wall that dispels the greys and shouts out the colours. This oil measures 1100 x 850mm and will do that for it’s owners. We simply stretched it onto a frame and from being just a roll it became a cheerful image.


NEW PHONE NUMBER 01792 646181

NEW PHONE NUMBER 01792 646181

NEW PHONE NUMBER 01792646181

NEW PHONE NUMBER 01792 646181

Eddy Merckx

Eddy was nicknamed “The Cannibal”, yet apart from a few hostile spectators he was respected by his contemporary cyclists. They joked frequently about him “giving them a chance sometime, maybe”

His wins and successes are too many to list here. During the 1960-70’s it should be said that the bicycles of that time were made like pieces of jewelry. There was much friendly rivalry amongst the craftsmen to see who could produce the most beautiful machine.

This print from 1972, is FOR SALE £12.75 (p&p tracked £2.90)

In an acid free mount, it measures 345 x 363mm. To purchase call 07761478625




NEW PHONE NUMBER 01792 646181

NEW PHONE NUMBER 01792 646181

NEW PHONE NUMBER 01792646181

NEW PHONE NUMBER 01792 646181