(2) Map 1906/07 Ordnance Survey. Yspytty -Ystwyth

At a scale of 6″ to a mile the detail is splendid.

This map is one of nearly 200 that I have.  They were used by the Surveyor/Engineer of the time to plot the installation of the telgraph/telephone system in West Wales.  There are the jottings and markings on the map associated with their work of that time. 

Clearly printed map showing all farms, elevations, railways, churches, chapels, cotttages, woodlands, stream flow direction, fords, smithies, schools, county schools,  flood liabilty, stepping stones, bridges, vicarages, workhouses etc

What IS missing…..there are no conifer plantations!

Dimensions ready for framing: 566 x 410mm  Mount border width 50m

The two photographs show the current o/s map in order to locate the area and the actual 1906/07 map which comes to you in an acid free mount and back with one hand applied border line.

You should be able to zoom the photograph for fine detail but if you want a close up of a particular section please email me.

PRICE £40.0 Due to size and value I am only sending out by Hermes tracked courier and that adds a cost of £7.40

Payment methods:  1. Bank transfer, 2. PayPal or 3. card over the phone

To purchase this item, email: alansturk@me.com phone: 07761478625

(1) TREGARON 1906/07 o/s Map 6″ to a mile

Today we launch the sale of more than 150 of these maps. Finely detailed showing all Farms, Smithies,

Fords, Elevations, Railways, Bridge locations, Workhouses, Stream flow direction, Woodlands (names),

Sunday schools, Chapels, Churches, Schools, County Schools, Stream names, Flood liability, Aqueducts, Stepping stones, Cottage names, Vicarages, etc.

Whats missing is, conifer plantations because there were none.

They were used to survey West Wales for the installation of the telegraph/telephone lines so have the jottings and markings of the users of the time. They show signs approriate to their age.

The two photographs show the area covered on today’s o/s map and the actual area of the 1906 version.

The outside dimension ready for framing is 603 x 492mm, The visibe map size is 485 x 375mm

Mounted and backed in Daler acid-free board with hand appied border line.

They can be purchased by PayPal, Bank transfer, or card payment over the phone.

PRICE EACH: £40. Sent by Hermes tracked Courier for £7.40 or they can be collected by arrangement at

sturkframing, 46 Bernard Street, Uplands, Swansea, SA2 0DT

Email: alansturk@me.com

Phone: 07761478625

1906/07 Ordnance Survey Maps West Wales

These maps are 6″ to the mile and are now starting to emerge for sale. They are mounted with a lined border, backed with acid free board and ready for framing. Most of them will be 603 x 492 mm dimension. They are all showing appropriate signs of age and most have the markings of the telegraph/telephone surveyor. Splendid detail of many things long gone. They give a glimpse of West Wales before the conifer planting began, when wells, smithies, fords, and even Sunday schools were important. Every farm of the time is shown. They will all be priced at £40 each plus a tracked courier charge of £7.40 if posted.

Ask about an area you are interested in and we will respond. 07761478625 or alansturk@me.com

Payment can be made via PayPal, Bank Transfer or card over the phone.

The photos show the area covered on a current o/s map and also a part of the 1906/07 map.

Collection of 1906 o/s Maps Cardigan and Carmarthenshire areas.

These valuable maps are very detailed, being 6″ to a mile scale. Very detailed they also have the jottings and added work markings of the surveyor/engineer responsible for installing the telegraph/telephone network.

Some show the exact trajectory of each of the numbered poles to be installed. Also, there are fine details of farms, buildings, smithies, public houses, wells etc clearly named on most of the maps.

The first sample of how we will be mounting and putting them out for sale is seen in the two images above.

As expected they have signs that betray their age.

It is likely they will retail for £40 each plus a tracked courier charge of £7.40

If you are interested in any particular location or area please send precise details and we will look through the collection. This first one is obviously of Tregaron.


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