Cuban Celloist

Vibrant oil that came home to UK  in a suitcase, folded flat!! So it needed a little tlc to try and remove the crease and cracks but the result pleasing.Cuban Celloist

Three Hippies

Three splendid works in acrylic with 75mm wide graphite frames…..bright and cheerful.  Each one approximately 1000 x 700mm.3 ladies

Serious Damage

It could be this oil painting on a stretcher has been ripped by something heavy being put on it.   These two photos show the before and after results from a lot of careful work… The upper image has a large area of prepared work in the lower right hand corner and the lower image displays the completed, repaired work.


Repairs needed


Repairs completed

Making Good

Sometimes we have to repair small damaged areas in works that come into us for framing.   This is a AFTER and BEFORE example where an oil on board  had stuck to a frame and the surfaces had broken away.  


Hours and services reminder

Shop work


46 Bernard Street, Uplands, Swansea SA2 0DT 

Mounts: any size, any colour.    Watercolour wash and line

Service for watercolours, photos, stained glass, stitchwork, batiques, oils, medals, coins, tiles, jerseys, caps, flowers etc etc

Hundreds of mouldings to choose from.

Open 8 till 4 Tuesday to Friday and 1.00 On Saturday

Established 1977 

 Shop: 01792 465934        Mob: 07761478625   


Yes, we do…

Just in case you wondered, ‘Yes’, we do take cardsvisa logos-mastercard

More from Rhys

These bold works in Welsh are provcing very popular and receive many favorable comments about their strong colours and interesting subject matters.  If you would like to know a bit more, go to and use the translate tab if needed.Rhys 2

Welsh…the language

We see and frame many images of parts of Wales.  From one regular contributor however we have these very attactive, bold works in the language of the country.

Making the language prominent
Making the language prominent


From time to time we are involved in exhibitions.  Here is an example of one in which works we had framed

for Glenys Cour went on the walls.  All are oils on stretchers for which we made encasing surrounds.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All bar the boots


Jersey and shorts

If we had the socks and boots it would almost be complete.  Interesting project that needed a lot of care.