JULY 14th 2020

WHATS HAPPENING?      My dad last came into the shop on Wednesday  March 11th.  That is 127 days ago!  We have re-started, or rather, I have (Mich’al).

Currently I am processing work in as near as possible as it was before ‘lockdown’ which we have renamed ‘breakdown’.

Ideally, I would prefer you to email me for an appointment (like you might for the dentist!) and I will respond to you and arrange things.  If you can’t do that then, call by on chance.

Opening hours: Tues-Fri 09:00-14:00 and Sat until 12:00

I have made the shop ‘protective’ so we can do things without contact.

These are the email addresses you can use:



If you prefer to text or call,  my dad’s number is: 07761478625

I have an ambition to mount and sell some interesting prints over the coming months

….watch these pages or the shop window.





From June 23rd we expect to open:

08:30 – 2:00 TUESDAYS – FRIDAYS 

and until NOON on Saturday.


We expect visitors to observe full 

‘social distancing’.

If you come over the doorstep we expect you to

have facial covering. 


To re-establish our flow of work for a few weeks we are going to prefer using email rather than  phone calls.  We will respond promptly to your email.






To get a football or rugby jersey framed up and looking right takes a lot of time.  Below is an example of our work.  Shirt and shorts.  And below that again is a photograph of a few in a Cardiff pub that we did not frame.

Rugby Jerseys

We don’t don’t “Do Things by Halves”  ……..with three jerseys that would be literally difficult.  Oxford Dictionary says of “not doing things by halves” that it implies doing something thoroughly and extravagantly.  Sounds about right!    1200 x 480mm framed in black ash and glazed with cor liner to set the jerseys down about 25mm.

Up to date item

Within a week of Muhamed Ali’s death………………

                                                              we had a poster/photo for framing.  Big.   1500 x 530mmFor web. Cassuis