To get a football or rugby jersey framed up and looking right takes a lot of time.  Below is an example of our work.  Shirt and shorts.  And below that again is a photograph of a few in a Cardiff pub that we did not frame.


Tour de France

Another work from Rhys that has proved very popular.  Bright, bold and typical of the razmataz that goes with le Tour.

Approximately 900x500mm

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Rugby Jerseys

We don’t don’t “Do Things by Halves”  ……..with three jerseys that would be literally difficult.  Oxford Dictionary says of “not doing things by halves” that it implies doing something thoroughly and extravagantly.  Sounds about right!    1200 x 480mm framed in black ash and glazed with cor liner to set the jerseys down about 25mm.

Up to date item

Within a week of Muhamed Ali’s death………………

                                                              we had a poster/photo for framing.  Big.   1500 x 530mmFor web. Cassuis