Royal Wedding

This highly detailed limited edition print reflected weeks of work by the artist, not to mention the skill involved. We have framed it simply in a narrow black not wishing to detract in even the smallest way from all that is going on in the image.  There is some  distortion and fade in our  photo  that distracts from the clarity.  

Bright and Cheerful

These two broad works from China were framed in Ash.  The neutral tone of the wood does not detract from the bright colours.  Addtionally by not using a wide section of molding the landscape nature of the images is preserved.

1989 to 2012.

Now and then……..

WORK IN PROGRESS                                           2012 in Bernard Street

46 Bernard Street, Uplands, Swansea SA2 0DT 

Mounts: any size, any colour.    Watercolour wash and line


1989 in St Helens Road

Service for watercolours, photos, stained glass, stitchwork, batiques, oils, medals, coins, tiles, jerseys, caps, flowers etc etc

Hundreds of mouldings to choose from.

Open 9 till 4 Tuesday to Friday and 1.00 On Saturday

Established 1977 

 Shop: 01792 465934        Mob: 07761478625   


Window Filler

Window fillerThis screen print on lightweight fabric is big.  In inches it measures 74 x 41.  First a stretcher was made for the fabric.  It was stretched on and fixed.  Then an oak frame of robust profile was made to take the stretched work. The frame was painted with three coats of silk, graphite acrylic and finally it was assembled.  When it came to be collected, as expected the vehicle was not big enough so it waits until we sort that out.