Rik van Steenbergen

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Rik Van Steenbergen 1950 print

Seen here going towards his win of Paris-Brussels 1950

Note the tyre, bidon, Brooks saddle and bulging pockets

Then 26 years old he died in 2003 with a long career of cycling

Dimensions: 275 x 215mm. Acid free mount ready to frame.

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Those were the days!

For Sale £5.50 (postage £1.75)

Copy of photograph, 1880’s. Two West London cyclists. Those who only know the whirl of traffic today would find it hard to believe that miles would be covered without meeting a vehicle.  

Dimensions 274 x 234mm.  Ready for framing.

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les Serments du Berger

For Sale £117.00 (postage and insurance(£10.90)

les Serments du Berger” by Louis Simon Lemperuer

Listed with the British Museum.

This print is by Bonnet, Paris….

also listed with the British Museum.

Framed, double mounted with watercolour border lines.

Image dimensions 138 x172mm Framed outside 312 x 282mm

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Simone Signoret in les Diaboliques

For Sale £37.00 (postage and insurance(£5.90)

Very rare French Telecom Phone Card….Framed/double mounted.

Simone Signoret in “Les Diaboliques”….

a 1955 film that is a pure ‘must’ for film historians.

Outside frame dimensions 240 x 310mm

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1955 Bicycle advertisement

For Sale £10.00 (postage £2.90)

1955 Cycling magazine page. Interesting memorabilia

Ten years on from the end of World War 2 and some of The Midlands industry was focussed on making good bicycles.

Acid free mount with hand applied watercolour lines

Dimensions 296 x 356mm

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