Royal Wedding

This highly detailed limited edition print reflected weeks of work by the artist, not to mention the skill involved. We have framed it simply in a narrow black not wishing to detract in even the smallest way from all that is going on in the image.  There is some  distortion and fade in our  photo  that distracts from the clarity.  

Goody Two Shoes

Unusual challenge.  Frame a pair of shoes. So, two frames, top and bottom with glass all round. Easy…..well not really.

Old but young

It has 1659 painted on as a date.  If its not an addition then it is the oldest work we have restored and framed.  You can see, it has at one time been in an oval surround.  A lot of the shining gold decortation on the garment was almost obscured.  Cleaning has revealed it.  The frame is not so old; about 1900 maybe.   And the gold slip is modern.

North Wales Panorama

Another work from Sian ( one of many she is exhibiting in North Wales (somewhere) through most of August 2019. Uncomplicated English Ash frame with a grey wash that lets the grain show through, mounted with a 35mm border on Soft White.