A Little Bit of History

This vest belonged to James Driscoll.  He was a Welsh boxer who won the Lonsdale Belt in 1910.  Born in 1880 he lived only 45 years.  In that time he earned the nickname ‘Peerless Jim’.  The vest shows many signs of wear and usage.  We have framed it for his relatives, Continue reading



These fragile works made in lace, silk and beads are the product of an elderly lady.  She made them during her last years of life and gifted them to a friend who asked us to frame them.  Beautiful! Continue reading

Rugby Jerseys

We don’t don’t “Do Things by Halves”  ……..with three jerseys that would be literally difficult.  Oxford Dictionary says of “not doing things by halves” that it implies doing something thoroughly and extravagantly.  Sounds about right!    1200 x 480mm framed in black ash and glazed with cor liner to set the jerseys down about 25mm.

Panoramic Watercolours.

We frequently frame multiple photos in either horizontally or vertically.  This is different; the images are watercolours of South Wales locations.  Length 49 inches and 13 inches height.  Impressive. Framing used is Ash and the mount colour is Antique White.

Bays and Beaches

Two, out of a dozen works from Sian Mcgill.  Both feature Gower places and reflect the limestone and gorse so prevelant.  Acrylic on board with pallet knife and brush application.  Framed in ash with a coat of suitable wash.  Go see more at sianmcgill.com or Sian McGill on facebook.