01792 465934   07761478625    alansturk@me.com

Alan Sturk. Born in 1939. Started making picture frames in 1977 in the Cardiff district. Moved to Swansea in 1989 and opened a successful exhibition gallery with framing, repairs, restoration and mount cutting in St Helens Road at no.28. Then moved and opened a framing and mount cutting service in Uplands, Swansea in 1994 at which most work is now carried out. Provides for both the local public and for orders that arrive from far and wide. With experience installing exhibitions there are short periods working away…….

My daughter, Mi’chal Rixson works with me and is nowadays the mainstay of operations.

We are regularly involved in providing frames for serious exhibitions in many parts of the country.  Over the years we have also been responsible for both arranging and installing.

3 thoughts on “About

    • Hello Anna,
      Yes we can frame your bib and medal. We are under constraint with the restrictions. And only one of is working. Its an appointment only system we are operating. To make an appointment the best way will be to text a request to Mich’al at 07875401742 and she will organise to see you.
      Hope that is helpful.

      Best wishes,


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