(1) TREGARON 1906/07 o/s Map 6″ to a mile

Today we launch the sale of more than 150 of these maps. Finely detailed showing all Farms, Smithies,

Fords, Elevations, Railways, Bridge locations, Workhouses, Stream flow direction, Woodlands (names),

Sunday schools, Chapels, Churches, Schools, County Schools, Stream names, Flood liability, Aqueducts, Stepping stones, Cottage names, Vicarages, etc.

Whats missing is, conifer plantations because there were none.

They were used to survey West Wales for the installation of the telegraph/telephone lines so have the jottings and markings of the users of the time. They show signs approriate to their age.

The two photographs show the area covered on today’s o/s map and the actual area of the 1906 version.

The outside dimension ready for framing is 603 x 492mm, The visibe map size is 485 x 375mm

Mounted and backed in Daler acid-free board with hand appied border line.

They can be purchased by PayPal, Bank transfer, or card payment over the phone.

PRICE EACH: £40. Sent by Hermes tracked Courier for £7.40 or they can be collected by arrangement at

sturkframing, 46 Bernard Street, Uplands, Swansea, SA2 0DT

Email: alansturk@me.com

Phone: 07761478625

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