Lockdown in Wales

We shall be closed to comply with the safety measures announced.

This means from 2:00pm on Friday October 23rd until re-open

at 09:00 Tuesday November 10th.

We will not be beyond contact. Email: rixsonmn@gmail.com


After re-open, again it will be appointments only and please follow all recommended distancing and safety rules.

“Shoeing The Bay Mare

For Sale £10. (postage £2.90)

1934 Print

‘Shoeing The Bay Mare’ by Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

Mounted in acid free mount board with hand drawn border lines

Ready for framing. Dimensions: 285 x 345mm

 To buy this item call 07434614841

The days of Autumn..


“Here is the News”….Thursday October 15th 2020.

The shop is Open, Tuesday to Friday 09:00 until 2:00

and on Saturday until 12:00.

We are doing our best BUT…

In the current situation it is imperative that 

1. You make an appointment.  rixsonmn@gmail.com or 01792 465934

2. Only one person inside at a time

3. Wear face covering

4. Be patient……because everything is slowed up. (deliveries etc)

We are busy as you can see below….