Out of storage…

Over the years we have collected a lot of older prints and originals.  Also, if they are interesting, some more recent images.  Rather than let them lay in our storage drawers we are now bringing them out, mounting and lining them for sale.

This map is an example.  More can be seen at Sturkframing.com on Facebook.

Buying from us….

We can offer you payment by card over the phone, transfer from Paypal to our email address or if you are visiting the shop, plain good old fashioned cash.

If you have questions: telephone us 07761478625

email: alansturk@me.com


We started out in 1977 in Penarth, moved to Swansea in 1989 and are still busy people.  Coming out of ‘lockdown’ we ask you to keep a 2 metre social distance.  It helps too if you can make an appointment for a morning up until 14:00.

Thanks for co-operating and helping to save lives.

Hong Kong Environs For Sale

For Sale  £10.00  (postage £2.90)


Genuine old watercolour circa 1950’s

“Hong Kong Environs” Unsigned.

Mounted in acid-free board, hand lined.

If you are a Veteran Cyclist…..

Post War cyclists will remember this type of advertisement …

For Sale £10.00 (postage £2.90)

Rear cover from ‘The Bicycle’ March 16th 1949

‘The Bicycle’ was a popular weekly magazine of the post war period.

Interesting Prints

We are selling some interesting old prints from a variety of interests.  To purchase you can call 07761478625 and pay by card, or visit the shop between 09:00 and 14:00 most days.

Here is an example…..

For Sale £14.00 (postage £2.90)

1907 print from French magazine ‘le Rire’

By de Vadas a regular contributor to the magazine.

Little is known about him.  

This piece is titled “ A Word in Your Ear”

JULY 14th 2020

WHATS HAPPENING?      My dad last came into the shop on Wednesday  March 11th.  That is 127 days ago!  We have re-started, or rather, I have (Mich’al).

Currently I am processing work in as near as possible as it was before ‘lockdown’ which we have renamed ‘breakdown’.

Ideally, I would prefer you to email me for an appointment (like you might for the dentist!) and I will respond to you and arrange things.  If you can’t do that then, call by on chance.

Opening hours: Tues-Fri 09:00-14:00 and Sat until 12:00

I have made the shop ‘protective’ so we can do things without contact.

These are the email addresses you can use:



If you prefer to text or call,  my dad’s number is: 07761478625

I have an ambition to mount and sell some interesting prints over the coming months

….watch these pages or the shop window.