…..Just for the record…

We have ramed a few discs and LP’s over the years.  This one in an attractive colour and sleeve deserves exhibiting.

Hooray! Summer is on the Way!

Now that we are past the Equinox, those balmly summer days are on the way and all the ‘beasts and chills’ of the last four months are history.  Hooray!  Viki at vikicartoons.com is celebrating it with an appropriate poster,

Rugby Jerseys

We don’t don’t “Do Things by Halves”  ……..with three jerseys that would be literally difficult.  Oxford Dictionary says of “not doing things by halves” that it implies doing something thoroughly and extravagantly.  Sounds about right!    1200 x 480mm framed in black ash and glazed with cor liner to set the jerseys down about 25mm.

Panoramic Watercolours.

We frequently frame multiple photos in either horizontally or vertically.  This is different; the images are watercolours of South Wales locations.  Length 49 inches and 13 inches height.  Impressive. Framing used is Ash and the mount colour is Antique White.