The Book

Bill Bytheway and Ken Blakemore have co-operated on producing and publishing a fascinating book of art and sketches.  Mostly they depict scenes in and around Swansea.  Its called: “Lovely Ugly”  

We think the content will encourage many others to take up the sketch pad.IMAG0603  The picture here shows Bill at work in our shop on a rainy day in December.

Talented Visitor

This week we had a visit from Bill Bytheway.  Bill is well known locally for his instant sketches of people in action, at work, leisure or simply their surroundings.  So from his hundreds of pieces of work its possible to get an overall view of things other than through photographs.  His recently published book makes it available to a wider public.   You can see his work at this link:

His rapid sketch of our workshop gives an accurate expression of the happy chaos!IMAG0602IMAG0604