Line and Wash moment

Mi’chal making some space to lay out a mount for some line and wash border work.  As you can see we are a true workshop in action.  If you come in to see us we will not be offended by any offers to do a little tidying for us….IMG_4106


Alan Sturk and Mi’chal Rixson Picture Framers, 46 Bernard Street, Uplands, Swansea 01792 465934


With more than three hundred frame options available plus a similar number of mount colours the permutations are very wide.

Here is a guide:  

To frame a watercolour 300 x 200mm with a frame glass and mount comes in somewhere between £22.95 and £28.75

Increase the image size to 500 x 400mm and the cost rises to between £28 and £34

Reduce it to 250 x 200mm and  the cost falls to about £16.80 to £18.95

Remember that those illustrations include frame, mount, glass and all needed fittings.

We also provide line and wash options on mounts in either a modern or ancient styles

Attractive and interesting work from a busy Print Workshop in Swansea



46 Bernard Street, Uplands, Swansea SA2 0DT 

Mounts: any size, any colour.    Watercolour wash and line

Service for watercolours, photos, stained glass, stitchwork, batiques, oils, medals, coins, tiles, jerseys, caps, flowers etc etc

Hundreds of mouldings to choose from.

Open 8 till 4 Tuesday to Friday and 1.00 On Saturday

Established 1977 

 Shop: 01792 465934        Mob: 07761478625   


Another disguise and repair example

This delicate watercolour had sustained some abrasive damage which is just visible in the first photograph.

In second, its gone, carefully disguised and hidden under some new watercolours to blend.

Another before        Before 1

Not too serious, but needed improvement.

Just some small damage areas on this watercolour.  Compare the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures to see the changes made by some dexterous use of  paints to remedy the faults.








Damage? What damage?

Two photographs that contrast the ‘before and after’ result of a lot of time spent dealing with a customer’s request to try our best to put things right.  The problem area is on the black jacket so something of a challenge.  The result is about what we aimed for.






What damage

Leaving work

I just found this photograph on Google Maps.  They flew by with the camera car just as I was locking up.

Summertime, July 2008.  Can’t go anywhere these days…….

Then I found  a more recent one from June 2012.  I had just gone over to collect some stuff from our van parked over the road.


Outside shop


Bernard St

These photos were both saved by using the Awesome Screenshot App that works with Google Chrome.