We found this little card saying ‘thank you’.  Websites are often peppered with testimonials.   Here’s one!For Website

Shoe coffin

These lovely and well-worn ballet shoes have to be laid to rest.  We framed them in deep rebate black tulip wood with a pale background.  Fond memories for their owner……Ballet shoes

Always Busy…

ALAN STURK   Picture Frame Maker

46 Bernard Street, Uplands, Swansea SA2 0DT 

Mounts: any size, any colour.    Watercolour wash and line

Service for watercolours, photos, stained glass, stitchwork, batiques, oils, medals, coins, tiles, jerseys, caps, flowers etc etc

Hundreds of mouldings to choose from.

Open 8 till 4 Tuesday to Friday and 1.00 On Saturday

Established 1977 

 Shop: 01792 465934        Mob: 07761478625 


email: alansturk@me.com

Window Shopping

Our visiting magpie did spend some time in the window watching the world outside.  Surprisingly, nobody seemed to notice….. right next to those attractive tiles about which we have had some comments since.Window shopping

Heavy and attractive

Two very ornate tiles.   Truly decorative and with about 50mm protusion they would normally be a feature when used in a tiling application.  Too good for that said the owners.  We want them framed.  So here they are…..Tiles

Something Different

Model guitars brought in for framing.  Since they went on show we have been asked a few times where they can be purchased.  Guitars

Pleasant Distraction

A few days ago we had a little morning visitor.  Came in from the street, looked around, explored all the workshop, sat in the window and after an hour said goodbye.  Not one bit shy or frightened.  I noticed that the left eye was not there so could not offer a job in quality control!I could settle here Quality Control

Poet in Glass

Dylan Thomas, poet and writer from Swansea.  This work here seen in a photograph does not really do justice to its intricate nature.  It is made entirely of glass.

Made by glass artist Alan Roberts it represents hours of work and attention to detail.  The frame we have used was chosen so that there is no distraction from the item.

Poet and Writer.
Poet and Writer.