More from the pitch…

We have had a batch of football and rugby jerseys to frame over the past few weeks. One thing we have know in advance is that since they are probably batch produced they are hardly tailor-made in proportions.  Plus, if they have been worn in a game the tugging and pulling they received renders them considerably out of shape. We have a method of framing and fixing them down.  Generally, the overall size of the finished work is around 900mm x 750mm and the cost complete is £69.00 on average.

Rocksport Jersey

Everyone Loves Bambi!

Bambi turns up for framing regularly; sometimes a stitchwork, a print, a watercolour.  This time a print on canvas.  An unobstrusive ash frame so as not to detact from all that’s going on in the scene.  Antique white mount and glass to completeBambi

Not An Easy One!

This framing work was large….top to bottom 1450mm and some 720mm wide.  The difficulty in framing was that the item was hand-made paper (from Laos) about 3mm thick!

It had no willingness to go flat;  it was heavy,  it was a long way out of being a rectangle.

The frame we used is Oak with a deep rebate and that accomodated the undulating nature of the work.  In the photograph, the white ‘tracers’ are reflections from light in the facing window, not a blemish in the work.

Hand-made paper